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Article: Informations about Bedside-films

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The 'Bedside-films' is a series of eight feature films directed by John Hilbard in 1970-1976, and form part of the wave of erotic films from Denmark.The eight films are connected by the Danish word "sengekant" (bedside) in the title of each film. They were produced by the film company Palladium, starring Danish actor Ole SÞltoft in all except Motorvej pÄ sengekanten.All the Bedside-films had many pornographic sex scenes, but were nevertheless considered mainstream films. They all had mainstream casts and crews, and were shown in mainstream cinemas and reviewed in national newspapers etc.Ebbe Villadsen: Danish Erotic Film Classics (2005) The first five, made 1970 - 1973, all featured the actress Birte Tove and were "soft-core". The last three, made 1975 and 1976, after the first of the Zodiac-films were released, all included hard-core scenes and shared many actresses with the Zodiac films, such as Anne Bie Warburg, Vivi Rau and Lisbeth Olsen. The actress Annie Birgit Garde features in all the Bedside-films.Another Danish film company, Happy Film, made a similar series called the Zodiac-films, also starring Ole SÞltoft. All of these films had hardcore-scenes, but were nonetheless also considered mainstream-productions, with mainstream casts and crews. The first Danish sex comedies were made in the 1960s, but Ole Ege's Bordellet (1972) was the first to have hardcore sex-scenes.

List of the films

There have been eight bedside movies in total:
* Mazurka pÄ sengekanten (1970)
* TandlÊge pÄ sengekanten (1971)
* Rektor pÄ sengekanten (1972)
* Motorvej pÄ sengekanten (1972)
* Romantik pÄ sengekanten (1973)
* Der mÄ vÊre en sengekant (1975)
* Hopla pÄ sengekanten (1976)
* SÞmÊnd pÄ sengekanten (1976)

Mazurka pÄ sengekanten

Mazurka pĂ„ sengekanten (Mazurka on the bedside) was the first of the eight movies and many regard it as the best.The film takes place in the all-boys private boarding school KrabbesĂžgaard (Crab Lake Farm). The rector (principal) of the school has been appointed as the new minister of culture.Because of this, the rector Bosted ( Axel StrĂžbye) needs to find his replacement. The choice falls on the young teacher Mikkelsen ( Ole SĂžltoft), who is popular amongst the students because he wants to convert the boys school into a mixed gender school that also allows girls.However there is a problem. Mikkelsen is a virgin and school policy dictates that the rector must be a married man. He has thirty days before the new government is officially presented and rector Bosted needs to resign, and in that time he must be engaged, or the position falls to the hated teacher Holst ( Paul Hagen) also known as “the doormat”.The boys, led by the seniors Torben, Vagn, Ole and Michael, that are all already worldly, therefore start on a quest. To get Mikkelsen laid.With the help of rector Bosted’s neglected wife, both the chairman’s daughters, and a stripper/prostitute that the boys hire, Mikkelsen starts to gain a better understanding of the fairer sex.But will it be enough to get him a wife in just 30 days, or will “the doormat” end up taking the position?

External links

Mazurka pÄ sengekanten at Danmarks Nationalfilmografi
Discussion of the Bedside- and Zodiac-films at Gente Di Rispette Movie Forum

See also

* Zodiac-films
* List of mainstream films with unsimulated sex

Further reading

* Ebbe Villadsen: Danish Erotic Film Classics (2005)


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