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Article: Informations about Narsinhrao Divetia

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Narsinhrao Divetia

Narsinhrao DivetiaNarsinhrao Divetia ( Gujarati: નરસિંહરાવ ભોળાનાથ દિવેટિયા) (1859–1937) is known for his contributions in the field of Gujarati literature. He wrote the elegy called " Mangal Mandir Kholo " in Gujarati.


He was the president of Gujarati Sahitya Parishad in year 1915 AD. He was the first Poet of Gujarat to write lyrics in the pure western style. His literary art can be seen in the poetry collection called " Kusum-mala ". 'Hridayvinaa', 'Nupurzankar', Smaran-Sanhita' are other creations of the author.


* Milestones in Gujarati Literature by K M Jhaveri.
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* Trivedi, Ramesh. M. (2005) Gujarati Sahityano Itihaas. (History of Gujarati Literature). Ahmedabad: Adarsh Prakashan.

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