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- ႁူပ်ႉထူပ်းဢုပ်ႇဢူဝ်းလႄႈထွမ်ႇၾ​ဵင်းၵႂၢမ်းမႂ်ႇၸၢႆးသႅၼ်ၾႃႉ

- ၵူၼ်းႁဵတ်းၵၢၼ်ယူႇထုပ်ႉတူၵ်းၸႂ်တင်းၵမ်ႇၽႃႇ မိူဝ်ႈEU မၵ်းမၼ်ႈပၼ်မၢႆမီႈ Article 13 တႃႇၸႂ်ႉတေႃႇဢွၼ်ႇလၢႆး

- How to use the verb To Do

- 很实用的工具 机器Awesome Tools

- လွၵ်းလၢႆးလၢႆႈမၢႆၽူင်းၶွင်ႉယူႇထုပ်ႉ ၊ လြꨀ္းလꨤꨯးမꨤꨯꨳꨕူင္းꨁြင္ꨵယူꨲထုပ္ꨵ

- Youtube Premium ဢၼ်ဢမ်ႇမီးပိုၼ်ၶၢဝ်ႇဢွၵ်ႇၼၼ်ႉ တေတုမ်ႉတိူဝ်ႉၽူႈၶူင်သၢင်ႈၸိူင်ႉႁိုဝ်

- Taking Screenshots in iOS 11: A look at 10+ handy tips

- Akitio's Thunder3 Quad Mini can turbo-charge your Mac

- Can Stress Actually Kill You?

- Ilford PanF+ 50 All About Film Black and White Film Review with Developer Data and Sample Photos


- playlist Narek Simonian - acid up

- playlist ACCIDENT CULTURE - Messi | Messi in bangladesh

- playlist Italian lesson Lsn - Italian course

- playlist driss Ios - Mes VDO

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